libxml2-p25 on OS X 10.5 needs sudo?

When trying to use libxml2 as myself I get an error saying the package cannot be found. If I run as as super user I am able to import fine.

I have installed python25 and all libxml2 and libxml2-py25 related libraries via fink and own the entire path including the library. Any ideas why I'd still need to sudo?

Asked by: Chelsea492 | Posted: 01-10-2021

Answer 1

Check your path by running:

'echo $PATH'

Answered by: Roland118 | Posted: 02-11-2021

Answer 2

I would suspect the permissions on the library. Can you do a strace or similar to find out the filenames it's looking for, and then check the permissions on them?

Answered by: Arthur166 | Posted: 02-11-2021

Answer 3

The PATH environment variable was the mistake.

Answered by: Carlos540 | Posted: 02-11-2021

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