'if' statement only accomplished only once in a loop

I am simulating a cache system by performing a cumulative sum of bytes and, when this sums up to 0.95 the size of the cache, forces the value to be 0.9 of the full size.

Final result should evolve as a saw tooth.

This is the code I implement to force this condition.

cache_size=1e11 #B 
for i in range(1,rows_number):

And this is the output.

Simulation output

How does the if statement is only accomplished once in the loop?

Asked by: Maria846 | Posted: 06-12-2021

Answer 1

Given the code, I don't see why the observed behavior is wrong. This is how you are capping the cumulative sum:


You are scaling the value by low_mark factor and not actually capping it. So it is possible that it goes beyond the cache size. You probably intend to do:


Also, I don't see where ordered_datestamp['file_size_Cum'][0] is initialized. You are initializing ordered_datestamp['Cache']=0 which is weird as ordered_datestamp['Cache'] seems to be a list.

Answered by: Caroline813 | Posted: 07-01-2022

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