Help with Windows Geometry in Python

Why are the commands to change the window position before and after sleep(3.00) being ignored?

if self.selectedM.get() == 'Bump':
        W1 = GetSystemMetrics(1) + 200
        print W1
        w1.wm_geometry("+100+" + str(W1))
        w2.wm_geometry("+100+" + str(W1))
        w3.wm_geometry("+100+" + str(W1))
        w4.wm_geometry("+100+" + str(W1))

        s = self.wm_geometry()
        geomPatt = re.compile(r"(\d+)?x?(\d+)?([+-])(\d+)([+-])(\d+)")

        m =
        X3 =
        Y3 =

        M = int(Y3) - 150

        P = M + 150

        MH = W1
        MUH = Y3

        while Y3 > M:
            Y3 = int(Y3) - 1
            self.wm_geometry("+" + str(X3) + "+" + str(Y3))
            print 1

        Alpha = 1.0
        #while 0.0 < Alpha :
         #   Alpha = Alpha - 0.01
          #  self.attributes("-alpha", Alpha)
           # sleep(0.005)

        self.wm_geometry("+" + str(X3) + "+" + str(MH))


        self.wm_geometry("+" + str(X3) + "+" + str(MUH))

        #while 1.0 > Alpha :
         #   Alpha = Alpha + 0.01
          #  self.attributes("-alpha", Alpha)
           # sleep(0.005)

        while Y3 < P:
            Y3 = int(Y3) + 1
            self.wm_geometry("+" + str(X3) + "+" + str(Y3))

Asked by: Sam473 | Posted: 06-12-2021

Answer 1

The answer to your question is that you don't give the system a chance to update the display. The display is updated by the event loop but you don't enter the event loop after either of the wm_geometry calls surrounding the sleep(3.00) call. They aren't being ignored, it's just that you're changing the geometry again before the system has a chance to update the display.

Does the answer to the question Having Trouble with Tkinter Transparency help you solve this problem too?

Answered by: Anna825 | Posted: 07-01-2022

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