Django serializer gives 'str' object has no attribute '_meta' error

I am trying to make Django view that will give JSON responce with earliest and latest objects. But unfotunately it fails to work with this error.

'str' object has no attribute '_meta'

I have other serialization and it works.

Here is the code.

def get_calendar_limits(request):
    result =  serializers.serialize("json", Session.objects.aggregate(Max('date'), Min('date')), ensure_ascii=False)
    return HttpResponse(result, mimetype="application/javascript")

Thanks a lot beforehand.

Asked by: Freddie930 | Posted: 06-12-2021

Answer 1

I get the same error when trying to serialize an object that is not derived from Django's Model

Answered by: Leonardo572 | Posted: 07-01-2022

Answer 2

Python has "json" module. It can 'dumps' and 'loads' function. They can serialize and deserialize accordingly.

Answered by: Catherine542 | Posted: 07-01-2022

Answer 3

Take a look at the following:

objects= Session.objects.aggregate(Max('date'), Min('date'))
print [ type[o] for o in objects ]
result =  serializers.serialize("json", objects, ensure_ascii=False)

You might want to just run the above in interactive Python as an experiment.

What type are your objects? Is that type serializable?

Answered by: Dominik983 | Posted: 07-01-2022

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