Is there a free python debugger that has watchpoints? [closed]

pdb and winpdb both seem to be missing this essential (to me) feature. I saw something suggesting WingIDE has it but I'd prefer a solution that is free, and if I do have to pay, I'd prefer to pay for something that is better than Wing.

Asked by: John408 | Posted: 28-01-2022

Answer 1

You should check out Eric4

It's a very good Python IDE with a builtin debugger. The debugger has views for global variables, local variables and watchpoints.

Answered by: Chelsea321 | Posted: 01-03-2022

Answer 2

Please look what pydev in eclipse offers...

Answered by: Wilson693 | Posted: 01-03-2022

Answer 3

Take a look at PyScripter. It has an integrated debugger, watch windows and much more. It's open source and is developed here.


Answered by: Roland895 | Posted: 01-03-2022

Answer 4

It's too bad that the standard pdb module that comes with python itself does not yet support watchpoints.

Described here:

Answered by: Brianna448 | Posted: 01-03-2022

Answer 5

This reimplementation of the built-in has watchpoints.

I tried it but, in cursory tries was not able to get it to work.

Answered by: Alissa100 | Posted: 01-03-2022

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