Any good team-chat websites? [closed]

Are there any good team-chat websites, preferably in Python, ideally with CherryPy or Trac?

This is similar to, but a few primary differences:

1) I very much want to host the server.

2) I don't care if Smileys are included or not in the client.

3) I'd like two options for the users:
a) Ability to host a private IRC like chat on my Trac page (or link to such a page),
b) allow remote clients to also interact.

Asked by: Sydney305 | Posted: 27-01-2022

Answer 1

Campfire from 37 signals - the rails guys.

Edit: It doesn't meet your requirements but it has some great features...

Answered by: Hailey827 | Posted: 28-02-2022

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